Mental Wellbeing During Lockdown

Many of us are struggling to maintain our mental wellbeing during the pandemic. If you’re not okay, you’re not alone. We as a Linden Lodge community will continue to prioritise and support everyone’s wellbeing throughout this time. Below is what’s available for students, parents, staff, and the whole community at this time.

For students:

  • Continued access to therapy provision, both virtually and on site
  • Continued access to Creative Therapeutic Arts or new access by referral, virtually and on site
  • Personalised learning to support wellbeing on site or from home


For parents:

  • Virtual session with Educational Psychologists for parents Wed 27th January at 10:30 a.m.
  • Weekly phone call check-ins from school to home
  • C@LL (Community @ Linden Lodge)
  • Email


For staff:

  • Employee Assistance Programme (employer-funded confidential counselling)
  • Time to Talk Tuesdays with HR
  • Weekly ‘wellbeing check-ins’ with line managers
  • Virtual session with Educational Psychologists on building staff resilience coming soon

For the whole community:

Wellbeing Award for Schools

Linden Lodge is undertaking the Wellbeing Award for Schools, because good emotional wellbeing and mental health are at the heart of our culture and ethos. Evidence tells us that the incidence of mental ill-health is higher in SEND pupils, and we want to do something to change those statistics. Linden Lodge will be using a ‘whole-school approach’ to promote the emotional wellbeing and mental health of students, parents and staff. We will embed what is already in place and fortify a culture where emotional wellbeing and mental health is everybody’s business.