What is the Formal Curriculum?

The formal curriculum is a tool which enables the learner to become an active, engaged and contributor to our society. For some learners the best path to this goal is via accreditations, for some it is not. We celebrate our learner’s individuality and put their needs and wants at the forefront of all curricula decision.

The pathway follows a Secondary approach offering a broad and balanced curriculum, involving form teachers and personalised timetables delivered by specialist teachers. Although in some cases we are teaching adapted national curriculum content, it is being delivered in a highly specialist and nuanced way, ensuring the learners time on this pathway is as meaningful and impactful as possible. Some learners will need approach which is not aligned to the national curriculum to best further their education and preparation for adulthood.

 Our holistic well being approach enables our learners to access the national curriculum fully in an adapted and inclusive way. Utilising the EHCP and aspirational goals which are set outside these curriculum aims results in our offer being beyond that of just qualifications, we offer an education which champions access, develops cultural capital and supports mental well being. As a school we are uniquely placed to do this with our highly skilled specialist subject teachers and provision we are able to offer a secondary school approach. This contributes to the sequential nature of our school, ensuring learners are transferring knowledge and skills into new and exciting subject areas.