The Curriculum

Linden Lodge offers a holistic and dynamic curriculum from the moment the learner transitions to school to the moment they return to you as the best version of themselves possible. We look to make the most of the whole day so every lesson; every transition and every interaction is a learning opportunity including break, lunch and personal care time. We supply countless extensions to our curriculum to stretch and challenge each learner so they can become their best self.  Professionals across disciplines work collaboratively to deliver an exciting, sequenced and highly-coherent curriculum where individuality is respected and encouraged so that learning is purposeful and positive.


The 7 Learning Characteristics

The 7 Learning Characteristics - Take Appropriate Risk, Innovate, Be Reflective, Be Challenging, Knowledgeable, Dynamic

To give them the skills, knowledge and resilience to flourish in the sighted world.

Our intention is to enable our learners to be

  • Engaged learners: Students who are motivated to participate in learning and are suitably empowered to access what is being taught
  • Communicators: Learners who are interacting intentionally with others and/or their immediate environment using whatever mode of communication is relevant to them
  • Problem Solvers: Learners who are sufficiently resilient in their attention to experiment and identify a solution to a new learning challenge  
  • Unique Learners: Learners who have very distinctive, idiosyncratic learning styles that are in direct relation to their individual profiles of learning difficulties and disabilities  
  • Immersed Learners: Learners who are demonstrably responsive to the specialist, personalised provision we provide in respect to their individual circumstances
  • 21st Century Learners: Learners who are able to use modern technology to help overcome some of their difficulties and enhance their potential for learning
  • Acquirers of knowledge: Learners who are able to use literacy skills to access information from their environment and express and apply their new-found knowledge


7 Teaching Characteristics

Teachers will promote fluency and understanding of the curriculum as well as the learners holistic wellbeing by....

  • Innovative: Creating bespoke learning opportunities that are immediately relevant to each learner’s level of understanding, but that are also stretching and provide new learning challenges
  • Take Appropriate Risks: Ensuring that teaching strategies are innovative and sufficiently novel so as to capture the attention of our learners
  • Dynamic: Lessons have good pace and motivating structures to maintain learner participation and a thirst for knowledge
  • Be Reflective: The organisation of teaching and learning is analysed systematically in order to be fully responsive to changes in the profiles of our learners 
  • Be Challenging: To be ambitious and aspirational for all our learners
  • Knowledgeable: based on a deep understanding of the process of learning and the roles which curricula and EHCPs play in promoting high quality learning
  • Be Collaborative: Working alongside other professionals to ensure the best outcomes for all of our learners are achieved


This will be successfully through

  • Leading on the implementation of effective and triangulated assessment structures to ensure implementation strategies are contributing to the achievement of the 7 Characteristics
  • Ensuring termly planning is focused on content and access. With focus on each learner’s individual cultural capital and how the termly themes can supplement and enrich them
  • Developing a climate of lesson study and coaching to cultivate effective teaching skills that result in optimal standards of learning 
  • Delivering training twice a week to ensure our teams are knowledgeable and skilled

Everything we do at school is directed at each learner's 7 Learning Characteristics and developing our learners abilities to access the outside world. The 3 pathways have been created in recognition that learners thrive in similar peer groups and its aim is to facilitate equality of opportunity and bring about optimum standards of learner achievement through bespoke ‘sensory aware’ environments.


The Assessment Model at Linden Lodge

At Linden Lodge, the ongoing process of assessing progress ensures that each student is kept at the very centre. Accurate and on-going assessment is fundamental to the setting of challenging goals and creating stimulating opportunities for learning. We use a range of assessment tools to track and measure progress over time.

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To find out more information about our Curriculum, please get in touch with Monika Gaweda (Head of School) at