What is the Semi-Formal Curriculum?

The Semi-Formal Curriculum is our offer for our learners who have Visual and Sensory impairments alongside Severe Learning Disabilities (SLD). We aim to ensure that the time learners spend at school is as meaningful and impactful as possible, promoting holistic development of the entire learner through a broad and balanced curriculum offer. This will be achieved by modifying the National Curriculum subject areas to create pupil centred outcomes. We will use the content of our learners’ EHCPs and Personal Learning Goals to ensure our learners are being taught relevant content in the right way. Our topics will change in term, but be sequential in content to help learners transfer and apply new learning and understanding in different settings.   

The learners operating within this pathway are those who have Severe Learning Difficulties and a range of Visual and Sensory Impairments. The complex nature of the Sensory Impairment combined with other Special Educational Needs and Disabilities present significant barriers to their ability to engage effectively in the process of learning. As a result these learners require a curriculum and teaching approaches that are highly personalised to the unique needs and context of each learner. The age range of this pathway works through the entire school and is equally relevant to learners at all Key Stages.